Monday, December 28, 2015

Post Christmas walk at Kew

Not only that, it's the first post I've written on the new computer!
The day started bright and sunny (now I'm home it's cloudy again) Despite the cold I've been fighting since Christmas Eve, finally coming out this morning I wasn't going to miss a walk in the sun... 

 the sun was low, being December, so cue lots of "arty" shots of shadows ...
... this one's just for Julia! 

 I decided to concentrate on the Palm House today, taking loads of shots from different angles..
 Sam commented about the grass being muddy after all the rain - yes, but not too bad, and it was largely short so I didn't get too wet..
 it's not out of focus, it was steamy in the glass house!

 took this from all angles today (won't bore you with all of them!)
 just a couple!! I was looking to see how the reflections changed whilst walking round it and depending where the sun was
 Snowdrops in the Rock Garden
 and the roses are already growing back across the Pergola in the Order Bed gardens
 took several of this temple from various viewpoints too!

 and came across this magnificent peacock, whose tailfeathers are already growing back ready to attract his mate in the spring.  Fabulous rich colours

 he was just across the path from this view - the fountain is still off because the Kew at Christmas event is still on, and they use the Pond for a lighting and water display
 but fabulous reflections of the Dogwoods alongside the pond.

 hmmm what can I say, I loved them!
 and the Palm House again

 more temples...
and this tree still with lots of leaf, the sun shining brightly through the green

 into the sun for this one (tut tut!) but quite like the effect nonetheless
 the Temperate House, shrouded in polythene for the restoration
 and Hellebores flowering, in December?!
 lots of fantastic trees displaying leafless shapes..
 and the Henry Moore sculpture
 walked across the Sackler crossing, more reflections in the water
 more knobbly tree trunks..
the lift was out of action for maintenance (no sign of workmen though!) so had to take the steps.. coughing along the way!!

 stopping partway for this gorgeous shot against the blue sky
and from the top, across to the other side. love the alternating rusty steel supports and the tree trunks.
 back to the Palm House
This is from the Rose Garden side
 loved these fluffy clouds!

 and the sun shining through the roof

into the Waterlily House, only small blooms at the moment, but loved the reflections again

final shot of the Princess of Wales Glasshouse, as I took my cough back to the train home!

oh, forgot one! found this water fountain I've never noticed before..
the water comes out of the mouth.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

ah, Kew - it's been too long!

The forecast for today said no rain until evening here in London/Surrey. Woke to some sunshine - the first for a week just about.  It's been a month since I was last able to get to Kew, though it seems longer!

 the gates open at 10, but there was still a feel of early morning chill in the air. The sun was bright, shining across the grass, and a surprising amount of bright leaf colour still on some trees..

come walk with me...
 Christmas at Kew is on again, these "parcels" are I think lights, for the trail that you can follow in the dark - I must try and get a ticket and see what it's like at night!
tiny little white daisy like flowers..
 still with the overnight rain on the leaves.
 beautiful sunshine through the dogwoods, (committing the photographic sin of photographing into the sun, lol)
 the replanting along the Broad Walk is coming on nicely, it will be fabulous next Spring.
 and the winter bedding outside the Palm House is in place. Love how the newly planted beds let you see the shapes so clearly before the bedding settles in.
 inside the Palm House, very humid after the cold outdoors. Managed to get some empty paths by loitering a bit!
 Much of the tallest growth has either been cut back for winter or died back, allowing you to see the roof structure much more clearly.
 and the light shining through the big palm leaves
 I think after the work on the Temperate House is done, they may need to turn their attention to the Palm House for some restoration. but I quite like the rusty look!
 the fountain was off in the lake, (boo!) as they have a light display as part of Christmas at Kew. You can see the metal structures sticking out of the water!
 the sky was starting to turn grey (after a trip to the shop!) but the leaves remaining on this tree looked great against the contrast of the sky.

 and the mossy bark on the tree trunks (I nearly put arms then... well, they look like arms!)
 The trees peaking through the remaining leaves, look so symmetrical, don't they?

 there was a veritable carpet of fallen sweet chestnuts from this tree, I resisted the temptation to kick and scuff like a kid (mainly because it was very muddy!)

 close up of a chimney on one of the buildings. Don't think I've ever really looked up at it before
 and detail of the ruined arch,
 the Pagoda along one of the vistas

Restoration  work on the Temperate House coming along - but still another 2 years and a bit to go - they reckon it will re-open in Spring 2018..

 loved these berries
 back to the lake, round the other side

 took a different path to the Princess of Wales glasshouse so got a different view of this temple today
Oriental (or Ornamental) Paperbush - did take a picture of the sign but it blurred and I can't remember!  Love the flowers though.

 close up of a dying Eryngium

 the rose pergola, all cut back for winter. quite like it empty!
 the sun was still trying to peek through the clouds - focussing on the sun again, so the foreground is under exposed but I like the silhouette effect.
 inside the PoW, the reflection of the roof in the pond. No sign of the Water Dragons (too many people about by now!)

fluffy looking branches (leaves?!)

and finally, some bright colour left on another tree, on my way out.

Hope you've enjoyed this trip again today!
it was cold, and a little windy, but good to get some air into my lungs after several weeks of not being able to get to Kew, and the forecast was right, no rain so far!