Saturday, August 12, 2017

Another early walk at Kew

I left in the drizzle at 6.30, but the rain had stopped by the time I reached the station.
I arrived at Kew just as the gates had opened at 8 (I am going to miss the early entrance come the end of September, although I will enjoy the extra time in bed on a Saturday!)

 usual starting point..grey sky today - I could not believe how many times the sky changed today...

so first, we walk along the length of the Parterre beds

 beds are filling out

 dahlias are bushy..
 the cannas are huge!
walking down the Broad Walk next
 close ups on the backs of flowers - plain white in front..

see, blue now, though still with cloud..
 tall tall daisy types
 love the hit of orange behind these
 and another favourite, the agapanthus in front of the coneflowers

 tiny pink and white flowers, heading off to the Hive now...
 the wildflower meadow has lots of blue now, the white daisies are all gone...
 and yellow too... love how it changes during the season
 Not had the Hive to myself for a while, so made the most of it.. love the mixture of reflections in the glass, and the view through the structure..
 and glimpses of the ground below

 the steps down the other side (one side up has a slope for easier access)
 round in the Family Beds, more coneflowers with bright yellow backdrop

 in the Rock Garden

 in the alpine houe
 grass garden
 teeny tiny white flowers

 heading back to the cafe for breakfast...

time for some wide angles 
not long view towards the Palm House 

Not been to see the Henry Moore for a while..

wide angle to exaggerate the perspective

 walked alongside the lake...

 loads of hydrangeas

 and loads of fairy ring mushrooms!

took the lift up the Treetop Walkway - great view - lots more cloud now!
 cut across to the Rose Garden outside the Palm House, crouching down to get blooms and sky (blue again... )

 large palm inside the Palm House

 blue blue sky!
 outside the Waterlily House  (looked for a label on that strange orange flower from last time, but there wasn't one to be seen... although there are lots of gourds growing around there, so maybe it's something to do with one of them....)
 outside the Princess of Wales glasshouse now, some beautiful waterlilies in the rill....

 quick walk back up the Broad Walk on my way out...
 very grey now... I wasn't kidding about the sky changing, was I?!
and I'm off home...

hope you've enjoyed today again.  No trip next week, got a hair appointment on Saturday and Sunday is the Stevenage craft show... so 2 weeks at least till the next visit!